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Sesame has been a Godsend for us. We had numerous Q&A databases that had been developed over more than a decade and are thrilled to be able to convert and improve them with Sesame. It has saved the taxpayers a lot money.
  Bruce K. Stone
City Manager - City of the Village

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Sesame Database Manager is compatible with Symantec Q&A. Q & A users will find that Sesame uses many of the same keystrokes, the same search syntax, and almost the same programming syntax as used in a Q&A database. Sesame can also translate Q&A databases. Find out more.

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Sesame Database Manager
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What's New in Sesame 2?

Sesame 2 is a huge upgrade. With hundreds of new features and 200 new programming commands, this new version of Sesame Database Manager provides a host of powerful tools to build, run and use your Sesame applications.

User Interface Features
Menu Button Navigation
Improved Menu Trees
More control over menu bars and toolbar buttons
Ini files and startup switches for look and feel control
Improved response to desktop settings
Embedded Dialogs and Progress Bars
Additional look and feel schemes

User Tools
Recently Used File list
Quick Start Menu for frequently used commands
Function Key Menu for F-Key reference
F6 Editor follows navigation and automatically updates
Additional editing commands in F6 Editor
Support for Regular Expressions
Popup Memory Menu of recently used values
Simple Search
New search constructs
Bookmark records
Find duplicate records based on selected fields
Spell Check capability
Easy merge printing

Improved Table View
Toggle between Form and Table View in the same window
Customizable Table View with colors, formatting and column order/visibility
Savable and default Table View specs
Summary functions and charts for column data
Runs SBasic programming
Optionally displays images

Spec Manager / Spec Handler
Right-click to directly select desired Spec Type
Context-sensitive Spec Manager
Three new types of Spec - QuickReport, Table, Duplicates
Load, run and manipulate Specs programmatically

Report Creation Wizard
Create and save Quick Reports in Runtime
Traditional print reports
Improved Report Designer
Keyword reports
Additional report features and options
Copy reports to other databases or applications
Print reports from SBasic

Form Management
Switch to Alternate Form
Relink Form to a different database
Use a Form as a startup screen/menu
Use a Form as a Dialog Box
Detached Forms
Copy forms to other databases or applications

Form Elements - Sesame Designer
New Element Types - Text Editor, Scroll Region, Menu Button, Page Marker
Additional Visibility Options - print or screen only
Secret inputs
Unique Values
Data Entry Templates
Positioning options for Tab Pages
Image labels

Designer Tools
More Right-Click menu options
Make Like Me now includes size
Use an element as a format example when adding new elements
Selection Layers
Attribute Table
Element Example Palette provides working samples
Dropdown lists sort alphabetically
Enhanced Capabilities While Typing On Form
Moving Between Elements in Designer
Snap To Grid
Copy selected elements between Forms
Temporarily disable security
Select elements based on properties
Application Documenter

Programming Features
Over 200 new SBasic commands
X-Commands work in Preview Mode
New events like On Form Delete
Enhanced Programming Editor with syntax highlighting and improved search/replace
Browsable lists of SBasic commands, command tree paths, elements and fonts
Include "libraries" of standard SBasic constructs and functions in your own code
New Money type for working with money/currency

Additional server administration tools
Standalone administration client
Reconcile from the command line or a shortcut
Identify connected users
Disable menus and toolbar buttons
Ini file options for automatic backups

Human readable macro files
Insert a Series Counter value into your macros

Application Creation Methods
Create a Sesame application from an ASCII file
Create a Sesame application from an XML file

XML Utilities
Import and export layouts in XML format
Export application design to XML
Export design and data to XML
Work with XML in SBasic

Web Capabilities
Built-in Web Server with Sesame database access
Ability to get and automatically respond to email

Q&A Translation
New Q&A Translation Options
Improved Report Translation
Personal Version includes Q&A translator

Integrity Features
More logging
Increased protections against damage from unlocking active applications
Improved ability to manage dropped network connections

Faster load speeds
Faster Relational records searches
Optional preindexing for X-Commands
Faster operation when using FormFieldValue commands
  Learn more about Sesame Database Manager
I have been very much enjoying the power that Sesame offers.
  David S. Costanzo
Baldwin Brook Studio - Canterbury, CT