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I get a message that says my application failed to open. What should I do? (For Sesame v.1)

If an application was closed incorrectly, the next time you open that application it will be locked. When attempting to open a locked Sesame application, a warning message similar to this displays.

To unlock your application so it can be opened

1. From the File Menu, select Server Administration.

2. The Administrator Login dialog appears. By default, the login name is admin and the password is hello. Click on the Accept button.

3. The Server Administration window appears. Select the Unlock Application tab at the bottom of the window:

4. In the large window where the files are listed, browse until you see the application file that will not open. Left-click on a subdirectory to see the files in that directory.

5. Left-click on the application file you want to open. Sesame displays a confirmation message in the status box at the lower right of the window.

6. Click on the Exit button. Once you have unlocked your application you can exit the server administration window and open your application.

Unlocking an application that is currently in use by this or any other server can have dire consequences. Please be certain that the application is not in use by any user or server before selecting that application to be unlocked.