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Why don't the numbers in my translated database look like they did in Q&A?

I have translated my Q&A 4.0 database in Sesame. I had used two fields to define an address, Street Number and Street Name.

In Q&A I got:
1234	Main Street
In Sesame I get:
1234.000000 Main Street 

You have the Street Number field in Q&A set to be a Number field (N). When Sesame translates that data, it has no idea that you don't want it to truly display the entire number with all of its internal decimal places, so it displays the whole thing. There are a few ways to correct this issue.

  • In Q&A, before translation set the field to be N0 rather than N (zero decimal places).
  • In Q&A, before translation set the field to be T rather than N (text field).
  • In Sesame, after translation set the field to display zero decimal places using the Property Editor, Format Tab, Custom Format, Decimal Places setting.