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Sorting Records In Sesame

Records are not stored in a database in any particular order. If you want to see your records in a specific order, you need to sort them.

1. Open your Form in Search/Update.

2. In the lower left corner of your screen is the Sort Spec. The Sort Spec lists each element on your Form.

3. Click the sort button for each element you want to sort by. An S will appear in the sort button each element you click, indicating that it will be sorted. A second button will also appear with an Ascend. The second button indicates sort direction. The Ascend means ascending sort (A-Z).

4. Run your retrieve. Your records will appear in the order you specified in the Sort Spec. In this case, your records will be in order by Company, Last and First.

NOTE: You can click the sort direction button to toggle between ascending and descending sort.