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Merging Your Data Into Labels (Microsoft Word 2000)

1. Export data from Sesame with Field Name Headers

2. Open Microsoft Word

3. In the "Tools" menu select "Mail Merge..."

4. Click on the "Create" button and from the provided menu choose "Mailing Labels..."

5. In the window that pops up select the "Active Window" button

6. Click on the "Get Data" button and from the provided menu choose "Open Data Source..."

7. In the Files of Type: drop down at the bottom choose "All Files (*.*)" and browse to where your ASCII file is and select it

8. Set the Field Delimiter to ","

9. Set the Record Delimiter to "(enter)" and click "OK"

10. Click "Setup Main Document" and choose what label you have and click "OK"

11. Insert your merge fields in the "Sample Label:" that is shown and then click on "OK"

NOTE: Saving your document will cause Word to remember all your merge settings so you can begin from this step the next time you open your merge document.

12. Click on "Merge..." and then click on "Merge"