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Disable All Menu Selections

From the Inside Sesame Help Desk

I have a special computer on which I allow the public to access records in a Sesame database. I have the application secured so that they can only view and print the records. They can't add, edit or delete anything. I keep the menu tree closed so they have no access to those options, either. What I want to do is stop them from using the menu bar choices like File, Edit, Macro, View and so forth. I don't want them to be able to open a new application or any application other than the one we keep open on the machine. Can I do that easily?

You sure can. Since you already have security in your application, it's an easy change to make. We'll assume that the security group for public users is named Public. Add the following program to the Application / Application Property Manager / Program Application section in Sesame Designer:

If @Group = "Public"
	DisableMenubarItem("&Quick Start Menu")
	DisableMenubarItem("&New Application...")
	DisableMenubarItem("&Open Application...")
	// Command Tree state
	CloseCommandArea(1) // Closes the Command Tree

Make sure to include the quotes, ampersands, and periods exactly as they are shown here. Your Sesame application will now open for the public with a menu bar where everything is grayed out (disabled).