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Reserved Words

The following words are reserved by Sesame. You cannot use them as the name of something else. Sesame is case-insensitive, so 'clear', 'CLEAR' and 'Clear' are all the same reserved word.

@ @Ab @Abs
@Ad @Add @As
@Asc @Askuser @Av
@Avg @Beenhere @Cgr
@Ch @Chr @Closecommandarea
@Color @Currentelement @D
@Da @Date @De
@Decimals @Del @Di
@Ditto @Dm @Dom
@Dow @Dow$ @Dw
@Dw$ @Error @Ex
@Exit @Exp @Fedit
@Field @Filename @Fn
@Formfieldvalue @Formresultsetcurrentposition @Formresultsettotal
@Frac @Fv @Globalvalue
@Group @Height @Help
@Hgt @Hp @In
@Insert @Instr @Int
@Ir @It @Label
@Layout @Left @Len
@Loadcopyspec @Loadexportspec @Loadimportspec
@Loadmassupdatespec @Loadretrievespec @Loadsortspec
@Lookup @Lookupr @Lt
@Lu @Lur @Macro
@Max @Md @Mid
@Min @Mn @Mod
@Modified @Month @Month$
@Msg @Msgbox @Mt
@Mt$ @Mx @Newline
@Nl @Nmb @Notifyform
@Num @Number @Pageextentx
@Pageextenty @Platform @Play
@Pmt @Popupmenu @Pv
@Readonly @Recordmodifieddate @Recordmodifiedtime
@Replace @Replfir @Repllas
@Rest @Resultsetcurrentposition @Resultsettotal
@Right @Rnd @Round
@Rt @Save @Select
@Selecttreeitem @Sendmail @Sgn
@Shell @Sq @Sqrt
@Std @Str @Sum
@T @TD @Text
@Time @TM @Tme
@TN @Todate @Tomoney
@Tonumber @Totime @Toyesno
@TT @Txt @TY
@Ud @Update @Us
@Userid @Userselect @Usl
@Var @Visibility @Width
@Wth @Xlookup @Xlookupr
@Xlr @Xlu @Xpos
@Xus @Xuserselect @Xuserselectr
@Xusr @Year @Ypos
@Yr And Array
As Beenhere Begin
Boolean Booleanelement Char
Charelement Clear Closecommandarea
Cls Createnewrecord Date
Dateelement Dimlimit Dims
Double Doubleelement Downto
Elementtype Else End
Eq Exit False
Fileclose Filedelete Fileexists
Filegeterrormsg Filegetlasterror Fileopen
Filepos Filereadchar Filereadln
Fileseek Filesize Filewrite
Filewriteln Finishpage For
Forceredraw Formfieldvalue Formresultsetcurrentposition
Function Ge Globalvalue
Gosub Goto Gt
Height Hgt If
Int Intelement Label
Le Loiter Lookup
Lookupr Lt Lu
Lur Navigate Ne
Newpage Next No
Not Notifyform Of
On Or Printstring
Random Readchar Readln
Readonly Rem Removerecordfromresultset
Resultsetcurrentposition Return Set
Setbooleanelement Setcharelement Setdateelement
Setdoubleelement Setintelement Setstringelement
Settimeelement Step Stop
String Stringelement Subroutine
Tab Then Time
Timeelement To Tolower
Toupper True Us
Userselect Usl Var
Visibility While Width
Write Writeln Wth
Xlookup Xlookupr Xlr
Xlu Xor Xpos
Xpost Xpostr Xus
Xuserselect Xuserselectr Xusr
Yes Yesno Ypos

See Rules For Naming Layout Elements elsewhere in this section for more information.