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What will happen to my field templates when I translate?

Sesame will translate such fields along with the data in them. However, any characters that are not part of the actual data value will not come across. For example, a phone number field in a Q&A database might contain a template like this:


In this case, just the phone number (without the dashes supplied by the template) will be translated.

You have an option here. You can remove all of your records from the Sesame database after translation, export the records from your Q&A database (to Standard ASCII) and include the field templates as an export option, then import the ASCII file into the Sesame database. This way, you can retain your template characters or formats. In versions of Sesame prior to 2.0, there is no specific field template feature, you will have to apply any template characters with programming. Sesame 2.0 and later does include support for templating.