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Where can I find more information, such as online help, with Sesame and Sesame Designer? Links

Lantica Knowledgebase

Browse or search through numerous articles on the various features and facets of Sesame. Articles are arranged under the following topics: Client/Server, Form/Database Design, FAQ's, General Questons, Integration with Other Programs, Internet, Programming, Q&A Translation, Report Design, Sesame Administration, Troubleshooting, and Working With Your Data / Records.

Lantica User Forum

The User Forum is where Sesame users can discuss their experiences, ask questions, and offer advice to other members. Discussions are are organized in the following way: Lantica Discussion (any discussion on any Lantica topic, updates on the newest available version of Sesame, where users can suggest features for the newest version as well), Programming Examples (for tested, working SBasic code designed to perform a particular task/function), Sample Applications (demonstrates technique or performs a task), as well as a board for discussions not directly related to Sesame (such as Q&A questions and off-topic posts of general interest to Forum members.

Documentation (5 printed or pdf guides included with your Sesame software)

The Quick-Start Tutorial

Demonstrates basic commands and building blocks of Sesame by guiding the user through the creation of 5 simple applications, each with focus on different features and tasks.

Q&A Translation Guide

Provides all the info needed to make Q&A translations go smoothly, inclduding advice on preparing Q&A databases to minimize post-translation efforts in Sesame.

Multi-User Guide

Supplied with purchase of Multi-License package, covers setup and operation of Seame in client-server mode.

Sesame User Guide

Comprehensive guide to all Sesame's features and facilities. Provides both basic instruction and more detailed reference info on all aspects of using Sesame.

Sesame Programming Guide

Provides detailed info needed to create useful and intuitive applications to meet the demands of home offices, small business users, all the way to medium-sized organizations and corporate departments. Sesame contains a wealth of programming tools in language designed to be easy enough for non-programmers yet powerful enough for experienced application designers. Includes usage examples.

Each Sesame installation also includes pdf documentation files. These enable the user to take the documentation along anywhere Sesame goes, print sections, and copy programming examples in the Programming Guide to paste into their own application.

Sample Databases

Each installation includes sample databases that emphasize different abilities and features of Sesame and Sesame Designer.