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Export/Import programming to/from a file

You can export all of your programming in a Sesame database form to a standard text file for review or editing with any text editor. (Available on the File menu of the Program Editor) With some programming already in the form, select File/Export All to Text File. The Program Editor will display a Programming File dialog box. Name the file, adding the ".pgm" extension, and click OK.

The file that is saved is a plain text file. When editing the file outside of Sesame, it is important that you do not modify the heading line for each programming function:

** PROGRAMMING SECTION: [INVOICE #] {On Element Change] **
If @IsBlank(Invoice #)
	Invoice # = @Number

These are the lines that starts/end with **. They are the keys that tell Sesame where to place the programming when you import the file.

Importing is done the same as exporting. From the Program Editor's File Menu, select File/Import from Text File. The same dialog will display showing all files with a ".pgm" extension. If you gave your file a different extension, drop down the Show window and change it to display All Files.

Note: When you import a file into the Program Editor, any element listed in the imported file will overwrite any programming for that element in the editor. Any existing programming in an element/event programming slot in the editor that is not addressed in the imported file will remain unchanged.

See also: Save All Programs Attached to a Layout to a Disk File.