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Save All Programs Attached to a Layout to a Disk File

You can optionally save all the programs attached to your current layout to a disk file without leaving the Program Editor. At any time, you can click the Program Editors File menu then click Exports All to Text File. Type a valid path, followed by a filename, then click Accept. Sesame will save all your programming to a plain text file, and include a heading for each separate program. In the following example, "Merge Letters" is the name of the programmed form element, and "On Element Entry" is the even that triggers the programming.

** PROGRAMMING SECTION:  [Merge Letters] [On Element Entry] **
Var vLetter as String	// The name of the selected merge letter
Var vAllText as String	// The entire text of the merge doc

When saving a program to file this way, name the file descriptively, so that you can later tell from the filename which database and layout it came from. Programming saved to a file in this manner can be easily opened in a text editor and then copied and pasted in the Program Editor of the same or another Sesame application.

See also: Export/Import programming to/from a file.